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An ABA focused clinic dedicated to providing the most effective and intensive treatment using research-based therapy to help our clients change their lives for the better.

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Welcome to Laugh and Learn, where we will teach the way you learn!

Let me take you on a walking tour of our state of the art facility. Our facility has areas that are geared towards certain ages but clients are not barred from any learning area in the clinic. We prefer to teach in the Natural Environment whenever possible

Top ABA Services Offered

  Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy is about engaging the child’s intrinsic motivation for learning. Intrinsic motivation uses the child’s innate interest in a subject to encourage the child to find increasingly more knowledge in that area of study.

  Tailored ABA Programs

ABA services may be used to address issues relevant to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder including, but not limited to, language acquisition, peer interactions, and social skills, following routines, self-help and daily living skills, and reducing challenging behaviors.

  Community and School-Based Services

Helps address problem areas and develop skills across community settings such as churches, grocery stores, and schools.

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